Review: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS42/F2S

Hello dear readers, this gonna be an english review about the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS42.
I’m gonna do this review in english because i didn’t find a review about this camera anywhere else online, and because this camera deserves one i think i should do it.
Though u are all warned because my written english is absolutely crap (my spoken is alot better).

What does it look like:

As u see it’s a very compact camera wich is a bit styled but not overdone.

Specifications (the once i find important)

-4x optical zoom, 33-132mm,f2.8-5.9


-minimum focus distance  at 33mm: 5cm and at 132mm: 50cm

– choise between 4:3 / 3:2 / 16:9 but offcourse u loose some megapixels at some of these settings.

-1.7 fps at 10mp or at 3mp 4 fps

-Some good scene modes

-Iso 80-1000

-wvga video (848x480px) at 30fps so this is 16:9

-Screen: 2.5 inch 230k pixels

-Dimensions (WxHxD) 97.6mm x 55.4mm x 22.3mm

-Battery rating: 390 photo’s

Now that where facts, now i’m gonna do the real review and i gonna do it this way, i gonna give the good points first and than the bad points.


-Prize at €99 this was the best camera i could get at the time i bough it.

-4x optical zoom, this is better than most camera’s in the same prize range and it isn’t just at the tele end it’s also better in the wide end. A normal lens u get is 35-105mm while this lens is 33-132mm.

-WVGA video this is bigger than the vga u get in the most camera’s and it’s  16:9 so u can view it on your widescreen tv. The video is also in another compression than on the most vga camera’s so u get a very high bitrate.

-Battery: its rated at 390 photo’s (50% with flash and 50% without), now i can’t say i fully tested it but i can say that u can easly make 250 photos and a video clip from 15 mins, so i would think that could be true.  In real life this means u can easly take the camera on a weekend without having the need to charge it.

-Ergonomics and handling this camera is very well layed out u never press a button on accident, it doesn’t look easy to hold but it is trust me. U can use this camera with 1 hand and thats always a good tell in handling.

-Scene modes some of them are very nice like the Starry Sky mode wich lets u choose between 15-30-60sec exposures and it lets the iso to the lowest setting.
There is also a party setting wich uses slow flash sync.

-Colors there are a few different  color modes and the vivid one gives very nice colors.

-IQ or Image Quality, i think this has very good IQ until iso 400.

Here are photo’s on all iso settings, these photo’s are all mode on the same lens settings and on a tripod. They are all 100% crops

ISO 80 very clean

ISO 100 still very clean

ISO 200 still clean a bit more noise

ISO 400 is still clean but u start loosing detail

ISO 800 is still usable but almost all detail is gone.

ISO 1000 all detail is gone and now u get alot of noice this is unusable.


– No manual controls although u woudln’t use it very much on a compact, my last one had it and it sometimes came in usefull.

-The view of angle of the screen is below average in terms of above and beneath is worse than most camera’s.

-No optical stabilisation

-Battery, it’s an accu and some people like AA-batteries because u can get them everywhere


As u see i really like this camera, panasonic makes some good camera’s at every price point and ok it can’t compete with dslr’s or other compacts with a higher prize but this is the best camera i could get at €99 and compete with some camera’s up to €175.

I also should tell u i never buy compacts above €100 because a compact for me is a camera i shouldn’t be afraid of taking it with me everywhere. (i got a Nikon D90 for the photo’s that have to be good)

So in 1 line: “The best camera off all €99 camera’s”

And here are some more photo’s

That was it thanks for reading it and i hope it helped u!


11 thoughts on “Review: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS42/F2S

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  5. Goede review. Ik heb dezelfde camera (in het zwart). Hiervoor had ik een Canon IXUS 4mp.
    Ik ben er zeer tevreden mee, maar (wat jij ook al aangaf) te weinig manuele instellingen. Je wordt bij deze camera min of meer geforceerd om scenes te kiezen. Heb me rot gezocht naar manuele instellingen om de sluitertijd te vergroten. Dit kan alleen bij een enkele scene maar ook beperkt.
    Al met al valt er zeker niets te klagen over een camera van krap 100 euro.

    • Inderdaad, maar ik kan eigenlijk over die manuele instellingen niet klagen, daar heb ik namelijk mijn Nikon D90 voor.
      Trouwens wat een goeie scene is is die party-scene die werkt echt wel nog goed, gebruik ik echt vaak.

  6. Ik gebruik die stars scene voor nachtfoto’s. Moet ik wel een statief gebruiken. Geeft mooie foto’s als je een drukke verafgelegen weg fotografeert. rode en witte strepen 🙂

    Ik zal de party scene eens proberen dan. Ik hou van nachtfoto’s van mijn auto en stille straatjes.

  7. I think this is a very good review! I’m about to buy the Lumix FS42 so this is a good review! especially the pictures at the end! (I couldn’t find any pictures taken by this camera, to find the quality of course.) But, ain’t gettin it for 99.99! im gettin it for 57.99! anyway thanks for thee review! :mrgreen:

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